Brittany Welsh North Little Rock, AR

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. Proverbs 27:9

This beautiful mama-to-be has been my person since junior high. She’s the kind of friend you don’t have to clean the house for or get out of pajamas for. She’s a morning person and I’m likely to sleep all day. She’s whimsical and I’m uptight. She goes with the flow while I fight against the grain. I woke up to a message one morning that she had spent the night losing her precious baby. We were only a few weeks apart and I felt that loss like it was my own. We cried hot tears and I watched her carry that weight with enough strength to move mountains. Now my little boy is turning one and his Aunt Britt is about to give birth to a beautiful rainbow baby girl. Sadie Louise Welsh we prayed for you.

hugs & kisses,

Auntie Ash

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