Estelle Blair Kematick 8lbs 4oz | 20in

“I’ve heard it said that the veil between heaven and earth is thin on the day our babies are born.”

Birth Photos by Krystina Bullard:

Fresh 48 by: yours truly

Newborn and Family by Jenna Lane:

That feeling in the room is what keeps me from saying “this is the last one!” Although I may have said it a couple of times on that table. It’s never easy laying there, but I love reading and hearing the birth stories of others and wanted to share a few snippets of this day. We are eternally grateful to Krystina Bullard Photography for capturing these moments. They are treasures to our family.

We welcomed Estelle Blair Kematick- an 8lb 4oz butterball on August 26th, 2022. After a difficult first pregnancy and emergency cesarean at 34 weeks I wasn’t convinced I would carry to term. Every week closer to 34 had my nerves in knots. I packed my bag early, I put the carseat in at 30 weeks. And then she happily stayed put! Week after week they checked her growth and told me she was measuring ahead and looking great. It seemed like this one really was going to be ok. However, I couldn’t help but mentally prepare myself for another NICU stay. Once we hit 37 weeks I started to finally relax and focus more on a successful VBAC.

I suffered severe post-partum depression with my first baby and brought him home after a 28 day NICU stay. We struggled to nurse and after so many hospital days with no nursing support we gave up. I was convinced that was all a result of having a c-section rather than a natural birth. This time I was very hopeful of an easy VBAC. With my provider’s complete support I carried her to 39 weeks and had no signs of impending labor. She continued to measure 2 weeks ahead with a 41 week head measurement. Every night of false labor caused my previous cesarean incision to burn with pain which was a bit worrisome.

After a long talk with my OB I elected for a second cesarean. My impatience got the best of me and I was nervous to deliver a baby measuring large. They assured me that a planned cesarean is very different from an emergency and that NICU running away with your baby is very different from them going straight to your chest.

They were exactly right! I nervously got my spinal and epidural and they laid me on the freezing table. I had forgotten what the room looked like, but the ceiling tiles were the same and I remember staring at them and trying to think of anything except what was going on. Once I heard her cry it was the easiest thing in the world! They yelled across the room she was 8lbs 4ozs and I was immediately so thankful I elected my cesarean. I was blessed with a smooth and easy recovery and a full term baby doll that we brought home two days later!

We are so thankful for God’s many blessings on our life and this new littlest one is so precious and so loved.

If you made it this far thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back on your dance floor ASAP but until then we’re soaking up all the tiny snuggles.



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