Avant-Garde, Ethereal, Apostolic

In an effort to share in my vision a dear friend and colleague asked the question,

“If you could describe your brand in three words what would they be? Or what do you hope them to be?”
I could only come up with two. Avant-Garde: for the modern, clean refresh I hope to always have; and Ethereal: for the dreamy romance that makes that avant-garde worth it. Why couldn’t I think of a third word. This is my brand, my business, who I am. What kind of professional do I think I am to not even be able to describe my work? I have never been more uncomfortable than in that moment. I realized I had some real work to do. My brand is me. My business is me. But who am I?

And it came like a whisper that I scarcely noticed until it was staring me in the face. Apostolic.

It’s taboo. We don’t talk about it. Don’t bring religion, politics, sex, or money into any discussions. But my goal hasn’t changed. It’s still the same as it was on the very first day- give a remarkable experience and an irreplaceable product to a bride for the rest of her life. So why bother? Why say anything at all? Am I niching down? Maybe?

It’s no secret that I can’t “get down” to Soulja Boy very well. And we all remember the wedding that I legit forgot a photo of the rings because it never crossed my mind (I’m still so sorry). I have learned a few things through the years. But I will always work best within my own culture so why try so hard outside of it?

Each and every bride becomes a friend who’s close to my heart regardless of where they’re from. I’m just simply walking into 2024 unashamedly approaching my strongest market, my very own. Are you new here and curious? Yes I look different, my hair is a little different, and I don’t wear a wedding ring; but I’d still love to grab a cup of coffee and hear all about you and how I can help with your forever. And if you’re an old friend from WPF or UPC, shoot me a message. I’ll go from North Little Rock to San Jose or Moss Bluff to Lake Charles. Show me your sanctuary.